Luxembourgish Society for Transpersonal Psychology

MTK-LTG: Luxembourgish Transpersonal Society
MTK-SEN: Spiritual Emergence Network Luxembourg
MTK-IBG: Integral conciousness and integral socity development

internet: www.mtk.lu

"Mäin transpersonale Käer
Lëtzebuerger Gesellschaft fir Transpersonal Psychologie a.s.b.l."
B.P. 54, L-8005 Bertrange
tel: (00352) 691 – 456789
SMS: 691 - 456789
e-mail: mtk@mtk.lu


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financial participation: 5 € (one evening), free for members





Aim of the section  “Luxembourgish Transpersonal Society (MTK-LTG)”

is to support on one hand a conscious psycho-spiritual holistic development of its members, and on the other hand a regional and international exchange about transpersonal topics of the everyday practice and of scientific research. Evenings with specific topics, encounter groups, seminars and conferences  serve this purpose.

Aim of the section “Spiritual Emergence Luxembourg (MTK-SEN)”

is to support people that are in a crisis. We support individuals who experience a process of crisis and who want to understand the meaning of these crises for the own development. They are not left alone with the process and the fears that often go with it., but accompanied without being judged.  Our approach differs from the classical psychiatric point of view, which wants to get rit of crises and illnesses as quickly as possible by suppressing them, to enable the individual to function again . But this approach leaves people alone with all their experiences, fears and questions. A SOS-phone line, a group of supporting helpers and  a professional therapeutic circle should help reach our goals.

Aim of the section "Integral Development of Consciousness and Society (MTK-IBG)"

is to try to achieve the interrelated developments of personal consciousness and the development of society (topics: democracy, money, social threefolding) and this on all levels.